Friday, February 3, 2017

5 Handmade Bar Soap That Will Make You Clean From Oily Skin.

Volcanic ash is high in Sulphur, an active Mineral ingredient which not only helps the body to resist bacteria but actually destroy it. Sulfur in Volcanic Ash is a proven, safe, age-old remedy used for centuries in treating a wide variety of skin irritations , oily skin and skin infections.

Volcanic ash soap
Cleopatra made Volcanic Ash Clay a part of her daily beauty regimen.
Today, Volcanic Ash Clay is the best kept secret  READ MORE ABOUT  THIS SOAP HERE 
Peppermint oil is used for skin care, our handcrafted Artisan soaps with the addition of pure Peppermint essential oil which blends well with other essential oils and is used in massages, steam bath, and mud packs. Peppermint oil is antiseptic in nature, and when massaged on the scalp, it helps to remove dandruff and lice in addition to its usual cooling effect. When applied on the skin, peppermint oil keeps pimples at bay and keeps the skin healthy and blemish-free. Peppermint oil contains menthol which is good for your skin, and has a cooling effect. It is most commonly used in natural soap. BUY THIS SOAP HERE 
Peppermint large Bar Limited Edition
Peppermint Soap
There are countless benefits of rose geranium essential oil for skin care .
It is considered to be a good oil for your overall skin care INCLUDE oily skin.
Artisan Unscented Soap Sea Kelp Varech
Does your oily skin seek help? We say, Sea Kelp! Kelp is a wonderful for oily skin , naturally produced product that has so many benefits due to the minerals and nutrients it contains.
Sea Kelp
Sea Kelp and Clay –  LIKE THIS BAR? FIND HERE 
Handmade- Oatmeal Soap – Sensitive oily Skin
Our Oatmeal bath soap is great for all skin types.
 Recommended for sensitive and oily skin one of our top selling soap. find all at NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP COMPANY

Oatmeal Mango Butter Soap 


In chemistry, soap is a salt of a fatty acid.[1]Handmade soap ingredients that you want on your skin today, or in your world tomorrow.

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