Saturday, April 20, 2013

Handmade Soap for Your Skin

Greek Olive Oil Soap
Suggested Olive — Oil Soap
Olive Oil Soap
How to Select a Facial – Soap to Buy

Goats Milk Soap for Sensitive- Skin
Suggested Goat’s Milk Soaps
Goat’s Milk Soap
Goat and Coconut Milk
Golden Blossom Honey
Goat’s Milk with Pear Berry
Goat’s Milk with Beeswax
Butter and Goat Milk

The Best Soap for Dry Skin

Copaiba Coconut Milk
Brazilian Oil Soap

The Best Facial Soap For Oily -Skin
Lavender– Dead Sea Mud
Dead Sea Mud – Anise-Bay Laurel
Dead Sea Mud -Sea Salt
Oatmeal soap makes a great choice as a gift soap as it has benefits for all skin types.
Oatmeal adds moisture to the surface layer of dry skin, gently absorbs oil from oily skin and restores the natural pH of skin for those with sensitive skin
Suggested Oatmeal Soaps
Oatmeal -Shea Butter Soap
Oatmeal – Stout
Oatmeal – Mango Butter Soap
Oats Mango Butter

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