Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Handmade Soap Made with Copaiba Rain Forest (September 2010)

Handmade Soap Made with Copaiba Rain Forest (September 2010)
September is the start of the big fall soap season. Find out all about the hottest new sop being released this month with Copaiba Oil Cocoa Butter and Tree Leaves

Copaiba Soap

Copaiba Oil is actually an oleoresin tapped from the Amazon Rain forest Copaiba tree. This resinous oil is rich in beta-carophylene which promotes germ-free action and is an excellent anti-acne, skin-clearing agent. The resin is extracted from the trunk of the Copaiba tree through small holes that close naturally with time.To the natives of the Amazon, the Copaiba tree offers many natural health properties which have been utilized for years While soap in an essential for cleanliness and good health, it is not always recommended for facial care.

Some soaps can dry the sensitive skin and leave behind a film that doesn't look or feel good. Copaiba, on the other hand, is soapless and gentle on dry, oily, and combination skin. It has been used for years by Brazilian women to enhance their exotic, tropical beauty, and in recent years American woman are discovering these secrets can help them look young and fresh. It cleans and moisturizes.With the addition of cocoa butter and Copaiba tree leaves, it makes this soap extra creamy and a mild exfoliant, and great smelling .
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Handmade Soap Made with Copaiba Rain Forest (September 2010)

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