Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Outdated beauty advice that (thankfully) hasn’t stood the test of time

Meat masks on your face? Baking in the sun for a healthy glow? Natural Handmade Soap is best for all body and face?Coal dust on your lashes? Cripes! ELLE magazine debunks the world's most archaic cosmetic myths. Read More » Natural Handcrafted soap
Natural soaps are crafted using natural herbs, spices & clays and are scented with 100% pure essential oils. These completely natural soaps contain no artificial colors or fragrances

According to 1930’s The Art of Feminine Beauty by Helena Rubinstein, beef could provide a fabulous facial: “Cut pieces of paper—a strip to cover the forehead, another for cheeks, chin, and a thin narrow strip for the nose. Give your pattern to the butcher, who will cut the meat accordingly. Leave openings around the eyes and lips. Pack the meat over your skin and secure it with a strip of muslin. Leave it on one to two hours or overnight if possible.”
Now: There are other (less messy) ways to give your skin a dose of moisture and protein. From caviar facials to seaweed masks, you can keep your complexion looking its best with the help of an aesthetician or a jar—not the butcher—thanks to products like Kiehl's Panthenol Protein Moisturizing Face Cream. Photo: RetnaThen: Lashes could be darkened with Vaseline and coal dust.

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