Sunday, November 2, 2008

Review Handmade Soaps

“I am so glad to find this soap online!after the first use I told my friends about it and afterwards they bought the same soap and continue to buy it today. It smells like olive oil, but it doesn't smell strongly Its 70% of pure olive oil. I recommend people using this soap lather and rinse twice in a row for best results, it will make your skin soft and smooth and the natural ingredients make the results long lasting, I use it once every three or four days but it's gentle enough to use every day.
Alba Panniere,Walnut Creek, CA USA
“This isn't just a soap. It's a pure formation of flowers and fragrance that you never want to be without. the famous, centuries-old "Natural Handcrafted Soap" started adding crushed lavender flowers from the countryside of southern France along with pure lavender fragrance. The result is the most beautiful, rustic, heavenly soap on the planet. As the flowers lightly exfoliate, the olive and palm oils moisturize and nourish. I buy 10 at a time and share them with my closest friends. By the way the varieties are just as wonderful. I haven't yet tried the orange flower (might just order them today!). ”

Angie Kroft, Markleeville, CA
“ ’After reading about Natural soaps I decided to give this product a try, I purchased the Geranium rose petals soap. They shipped my order out faster then I expected which was a plus. There was one huge bar of soap inside with a letter telling of the history of this soap how it was hand crafted and took 6 weeks to make. It was very interesting to know that information. Now about the usage this stuff does work good. I have dry skin so using most american soaps my skin gets dryer and my skin itches. This soap does moisterizes your skin well, and will leave you feeling fresh. I get excited when ever I take a shower now. ”
Val J. Handes E Cleve, OH USA
“This is by far the best soap I've ever used.”
“I bought a bar of this during a port visit in Raleigh, not really thinking much of it and didn't even open it for a month or so. Man, was I surprised! this soap smells so good and yet is subtle. Definitely mosturizing. When I got down to the last sliver, I went looking in stores for this stuff and couldn't find it or even find a scent that came close. I'm so happy I found it on their website later!
Gregory Lee Newport News, VA
“’’This soap Buttermilk made my skin so soft and took away bumps I had from dry skin. I whole heartedly recommend this one - and the milk scent is not over powering... the lavender is really nice too! &rsquoThis scent has an awesome fragrance, not too strong, but clean and organic smelling. The exfoliating feel of the scrub you get with it is wonderful. if you love soap you will love this!
Artino Carlos Valley Stream, NY
This soap is unbelievable! It leaves skin soft and smooth and had no added chemicals. Vendor shipping and service is excellent. Very quick shipping. Will purchase from again. Thank you!
Yukang Chou NY
Your soaps are wonderful!
Lacy Manta, Miami, FL
“My mom bought some of this soaps in Florida on holyday a few months back and raved about it. she ran out and didn't know where to replace it. i found you guys and this was the best mother's day gift she received. i'm still hearing about it. .”
Janete Brando, Hinesville, GA
“I highly recommend this product as a gift for someone or purchase as a treat for oneself. The Goat's milk soap is very good and clean acne and allergy . This is a soap you will be 100% guaranteed satisfaction with the product. .”
Pamela Smith, Padova, Italy

"Exellent Soap"
“I purchased this honey shea butter soap for a friend, and when I got it in the mail I couldn't believe how incredible it smelled. I plan to buy more of this product in the future. I would give it the highest rating possible. You will not be disappointed in purchasing this honey shea butter natural handcrafted soap or the jasmine soap as well..”
Ane Clair, USA
“Your soaps are the only kind I'll use.”


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